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Full Maintenance of All Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning is something that, once you’ve become accustomed to living with it, it is extremely hard to live without – even for a brief period of time. We all know just how uncomfortable a building can get when the air conditioning breaks down. Homes quickly go from being cool and comfortable to hot and stuffy, making relaxation virtually impossible.

And in the workplace, it becomes extremely difficult to focus and productivity takes a serious hit. So with the climate in the Gold Coast area being so hot and humid for so much of the year, it’s naturally extremely important to ensure that the air conditioning systems in your home and/or business are in top condition at all times if you want to be able to go about your daily tasks uninhibited and in comfort.


Plus, Claim A FREE, No-Obligation, On-Site Air Conditioning Assessment & Report (Worth $297)

Air Conditioning Maintenance in the Gold Coast

When it comes to finding high-quality air conditioning maintenance in Gold Coast homeowners need look no further than Project HVAC. Our team know just what it takes to keep air conditioning systems in prime condition, and have helped many customers across the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Central Queensland region ensure that their homes and businesses remain cool and comfortable all year round.

Of course, while on-going maintenance helps to make sure you stand the least chance possible of coming into any difficulties, there’s always a slight chance that something might go slightly wrong – especially with older systems. As a Project HVAC customer, you’ll have nothing to worry about: forget having to put up with stuffy, uncomfortable living and/or working environments for days on end while you wait for a call-out, as our team is always braced and prepared to respond promptly and professionally to a customer call.

Simply get in touch with a member of our team if you think your air conditioning might have started to exhibit the first signs of deterioration, and they’ll arrange a visit as quickly as possible at a time that’s convenient to you. This way, you should be able to have your system fixed and back in proper working order before anyone even notices anything went wrong in the first place!

20 million public liability insurance
Both QBCC & Electrical contractors licenses
All of our technicians are CERT III qualified refrigeration mechanics and electricians
As authorized warranty agents we’ll come fix your AC within 24-hours

Plus, Claim A FREE, No-Obligation, On-Site Air Conditioning Assessment & Report (Worth $297)


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    Gold Coast’s Best Air Conditioning Maintenence Prices AND A Host Of Extra Benefits


    Did you know geckos are responsible for a HUGE number of air conditioner breakdowns? To greatly decrease the risk of vermin damage, ask us about our unique ‘GECKO PROTECTION’.


    At Project HVAC, we offer annual maintenance. We’ll spend 40-minutes servicing your AC, ensuring it’s running at full effectiveness, maximum efficiency, and that your warranty is still valid.

    5% DISCOUNT!

    We’re committed to doing more for the esteemed members of our community. That means we give a 5% discount to anyone with a pensioner card, or anyone who serves in our defence forces or emergency services.


    Plus, Claim A FREE, No-Obligation, On-Site Air Conditioning Assessment & Report (Worth $297)

    We Proudly Serve The Greater Gold Coast & Brisbane Region…

    Our ‘Cool-As-Ice’ 5-Year Guarantee

    We’re so confident in the quality of our products and service we’re willing to back them with our ironclad 100% ‘No Worries’ Guarantee. All of our air conditioners are backed by a manufacturer’s 5-year guarantee. And while most other companies will only cover you a measly 12 months on workmanship, we take that up to 5 years!

    That’s right. If you have any problems with our installation, in the next 5 years, we’ll fix it completely FREE and provided we have the parts, we’ll do it within 24 hours. Now that’s what I call peace of mind.
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    Air Conditioning Maintenance Gold Coast Homeowners Trust

    Air conditioning systems are complex and expensive pieces of machinery. They are also very important – they help to keep your family as comfortable and productive as possible throughout the summer months. A great night’s sleep in the summer can help you to stay on top of your responsibility and boost your performance.

    After having invested in your system, it’s important that you work hard to maintain it and keep it in perfect working order. Even if it does not appear that there is a problem with your air conditioning system, you’ll still want to conduct maintenance: if your system runs poorly it can affect the price of your energy bills and cost you more in repairs down the line.

    When it comes to maintenance, you will want to work with Project HVAC. We are a trusted air conditioning maintenance company with many years of experience. Here is a closer look at why we are the best air conditioning company when it comes to offering you the most effective and cost-efficient maintenance possible.

    Expert knowledge

    Over the years, our team of HVAC professionals have developed incredible amounts of knowledge and work around the clock to continue serving customers as effectively and efficiently as possible. This level of expert knowledge means that our team is able to conduct maintenance on a range of diverse systems and ensure that they are running as smoothly as possible.

    Reasonable prices

    One of the pillars of our business is a focus upon competitive and reasonable pricing. We do not want our customers to break the bank and we understand that HVAC systems can be expensive. Through our competitive prices, we aim to liberate access to quality air conditioning systems.

    We also offer competitive pricing when it comes to maintenance. Our customers can make significant savings by working with us. Spending on maintenance is also a smart investment – customers will continue to reap the financial benefits of a polished system in the form of lower energy bills and fewer breakdowns.

    Fast and accurate quotes

    We know that our customers do not want to be left sitting around waiting to receive responses to their request for quotes. That is why we are incredibly quick to respond to quotes, giving our customers reasonable and accurate prices.

    This helps you to keep things moving quickly and make sure that your HVAC system runs as efficiently as possible. We value your time and it shows!

    Great customer reviews

    Our team is very proud to have worked with a huge range of customers over the years. These customers have been kind enough to leave reviews and summaries of their experiences with us, and we encourage you to read those. This will give you a better idea of the excellent experience you can expect after having decided to work with Project HVAC.

    Contact us today

    When it comes to Gold Coast air conditioning maintenance, customers cannot go wrong when choosing to work with us. Ready to take good care of your air conditioning system and keep it in peak condition? Contact us today using your preferred contact method and we will get back to you in no time at all.

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    Hear From Project HVAC’s Happy Clients…

    “Lory Constructions has a long-standing relationship with Project HVAC, extending beyond their inception dating back to 2011. Project HVAC have every time, without fail, have met and exceeded our expectations. Their service and quality is first class and we can highly recommend them to other clients.”

    Nick LoryDirector, Lory Constructions

    “We’re forever being let down by contractors. We found Project HVAC having researched price, approach and forward maintenance planning. Project HVAC listened to us, inspected our site and came back with a plan and a fixed price. We are proud to be associated with this professional company!”

    Scott TaylorPrincipal, Scott Taylor Motor Sports

    “We called around and got prices and not only were Project HVAC the most competitively priced, but they came to our home, discussed and verified our requirements and gave us exactly what we needed. We highly recommend Project HVAC and will be using them for all future air conditioning requirements.”

    James Leurink

    Our Industry Leading Partners

    We’ve partnered with the best in the business to make sure you get the very best quality and price in air conditioning products, installation materials and other services.

    Claim Your FREE, No-Obligation, On-Site Air Conditioning Assessment & Personalised Air Conditioning Report (Valued At $297), And Save $1000s

    For a limited time we’ll tell you exactly how much you’ll save by working with Project HVAC. We’ll also offer you a FREE No-Obligation On-Site Air Conditioning Assessment. Book yours in today and one of our experts will visit your property to assess your unique situation. We’ll take detailed measurements and calculate the optimum installation locations to keep your home cool, slash your energy bills, use the minimum amount of power and SKYROCKET the value of your property. Not only that, we’ll even have a qualified electrician ensure your electricity board is safe and compliant to handle your new air conditioner.

    And don’t worry, you won’t be getting any high-pressure sales or be forced to take up any of our services. We hate that kind of thing as much as you do. Best of all, you’ll also get a detailed report with all of your options, prices AND if you’re looking for a ducted system, we’ll even provide you with a blueprint of your home!

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