Six Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

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Top Six Hints That Show You Need To Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

According to ENERGY STAR, which establishes international energy efficiency standards, the average useful life of an air conditioning system is around ten years. After that, it will increasingly develop problems, be less efficient in operation and cost you more to run.

By installing a high-quality system from a professional company and maintaining it regularly, you can extend its life and put off the day you need to replace it. Nevertheless, the system will eventually reach the point when replacement is inevitable.

Signs that Action is Needed

If you’ve had you’re current system for quite a while, there may be indications that it’s past its best.

  1. Inconsistent Air Flow

The aim of any air conditioner is to keep your home cool when it’s hot outside and possibly warm when the temperature drops in winter. Ideally, that means the temperature in each room should be reasonably consistent.

If the air doesn’t seem as cool as it used to be, even though the temperature is set the same, this may be a sign of problems. Although there will inevitably be differences in temperatures between rooms due to open doors, varying insulation levels and other factors, these shouldn’t be significant. If they are, this may be due to poor air flow caused by vents and ducts needing cleaning, faulty components or the system starting to fail.

  1. Increasing Electricity Bills

Barring real extremes of temperature, the cost of running your air conditioning should remain reasonably consistent. If, however, you find that your electricity usage is increasing, this could be due to the system using more power than previously.

You obviously need to look at other possible reasons, such as new equipment being installed or the house having been made bigger. The latter will require your air conditioning to work harder and may mean that the system at least needs to be updated.

The reason may simply be that the system is struggling to maintain the required temperature and has to work harder to do so. Again, this could be due to blockages, a need for cleaning or that the system has reached the end of its natural life.

  1. Rising Repair Costs

If the system is constantly breaking down, not only is this annoying and inconvenient but the cost of repairs will add significantly to running costs. Rather than continuing to spend money maintaining a failing system, it’s best to buy new and save in the long-term.

  1. Moisture Build Up

All air conditioning systems produce moisture, but this is usually limited and occurs at the outside unit. If it increases and also appears inside the house, it can indicate a leak. This can cause a build-up of mould, and that can have adverse health implications.

  1. Noisy and Smelly

When your air conditioner is operating properly, it will be virtually silent and have no odour. An increase in noise may indicate a loose component, a clogged mechanism or something more serious. Equally, smells coming from the system can be due to contaminated air caused by mould and need to be sorted out

  1. Old and Inefficient

Although your system may on the face of it be working reasonably well, once it reaches the ten-year mark or thereabouts, it definitely won’t be as efficient as modern systems. It will inevitably perform less well, have fewer functions, use more power and be more harmful to the environment.

What You Need to Do

If you’ve any doubts about your air conditioner, consult a professional. At Project HVAC, we will happily look at it and tell you what needs to be done.

If repairs are needed, we’ll do them quickly and properly for an agreed price. We can also arrange annual servicing to keep your system running at peak efficiency. But if your system does need replacing, we can provide top quality air conditioning that will keep you cool and save you money.


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