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Project HVAC Is The One-Stop-Shop To Assess, Install, And Maintain Your Air Ducted Conditioner & split system. Discover How Much We’ll Save You During Your FREE, On-Site Air Conditioning Assessment + Report (Worth $297)


Plus, Claim A FREE, No-Obligation, On-Site Air Conditioning Assessment & Report (Worth $297)

The Best Split System Air Conditioning That Gold Coast Has Available

When it comes to finding the very best ducted air conditioner, Gold Coast customers should look no further than Project HVAC. Over the years, our highly skilled team have built a reputation for providing superior air conditioning systems and outstanding customer service. Not only do we only supply state of the art equipment, but we also work closely with each and every customer in order to understand the specific challenges facing them at their particular property.

This allows us to design unique solutions that are driven by our customers’ needs, which our expert team can then install with efficiency and professionalism. Furthermore, our service doesn’t just end after installation. We provide on-going support when it comes to preventive maintenance, and we’re always happy to promptly send out a team to deal with any issues that arise in the event that something does go wrong in the future.

20 million public liability insurance
Both QBCC & Electrical contractors licenses
All of our technicians are CERT III qualified refrigeration mechanics and electricians
As authorized warranty agents we’ll come fix your AC within 24-hours

Plus, Claim A FREE, No-Obligation, On-Site Air Conditioning Assessment & Report (Worth $297)


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    Gold Coast’s Best Split-System Aircon Prices, Service AND A Host Of Extra Benefits


    Did you know geckos are responsible for a HUGE number of air conditioner breakdowns? To greatly decrease the risk of vermin damage, ask us about our unique ‘GECKO PROTECTION’.


    At Project HVAC, we offer annual maintenance. We’ll spend 40-minutes servicing your AC, ensuring it’s running at full effectiveness, maximum efficiency, and that your warranty is still valid.

    5% DISCOUNT!

    We’re committed to doing more for the esteemed members of our community. That means we give a 5% discount to anyone with a pensioner card, or anyone who serves in our defence forces or emergency services.


    Plus, Claim A FREE, No-Obligation, On-Site Air Conditioning Assessment & Report (Worth $297)

    We Proudly Serve The Greater Gold Coast & Brisbane Region…

    Our ‘Cool-As-Ice’ 5-Year Guarantee

    We’re so confident in the quality of our products and service we’re willing to back them with our ironclad 100% ‘No Worries’ Guarantee. All of our air conditioners are backed by a manufacturer’s 5-year guarantee. And while most other companies will only cover you a measly 12 months on workmanship, we take that up to 5 years!

    That’s right. If you have any problems with our installation, in the next 5 years, we’ll fix it completely FREE and provided we have the parts, we’ll do it within 24 hours. Now that’s what I call peace of mind.
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    Getting the Gold Coast Split-System Air Conditioning System that’s Right for You

    Buying new air conditioning, especially for the first time, can be a confusing business due to the variety of equipment that is available. There are split systems, multi-split systems and ducted systems with plenty of options for each including reverse cycle functions.

    Choosing the right one can be a problem that’s difficult to solve. There are so many factors to take into account that it’s easy to make the wrong choice without a bit of expert advice.

    Why Split System Air Conditioners are the Best Choice on the Gold Coast

    Gold Coast split system air conditioning is ideal if you only want to cool a particular room or part of your home such as the living and dining area. It comprises an indoor unit with an evaporator and fan that blow in the cool air and an external unit that has a compressor and condenser to remove the hot air.

    If you want to cover a bigger area or several rooms, a multi-split system may be the answer and has several indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. Each type of split system can be reverse cycle, meaning that it’s capable of providing heating as well as cooling.

    A split system is much easier to install than a ducted air conditioning in the Gold Coast and causes less disruption since the indoor units are connected to the external unit by a narrow pipe rather than requiring a bigger opening to accommodate the ducts. It’s also easy to add further indoor units and connect them to the outdoor unit, with separate temperature controls for each room.

    A split system is cheaper to buy than a ducted system and, since it blows cool air directly from the unit rather than passing through ducts, it cools rooms quickly and costs less to run. That also lowers its carbon footprint through less power consumption as well as using an environmentally friendly refrigerant. Like all air conditioning, a split system air conditioning in Gold Coast is a great investment that adds to the value of your home.

    Installing Your Split System Air Conditioning on the Gold Coast

    Although a split system is much easier to install than a ducted version, it’s still important that it’s done properly. That generally means planning and deciding where everything is to go.

    The inside units can be floor or wall mounted and should be placed where the cool air will be properly distributed with no obstructions. They should also go where they can easily be reached for cleaning and maintenance.

    Outside units need to be located where there’s free airflow over the condenser and compressor. There should generally be a minimum space of fifteen centimetres around both the internal and external units so the air can flow freely. And, although this may seem obvious, units should only be mounted on a wall that’s strong enough to hold them, a fact that can be easily overlooked by someone who’s not proficient at installing air conditioning.

    Whilst this may all sound quite complicated, using Project HVAC for your split system air conditioning will take away all your worries. We’ll make sure you get just the right system for your property, will install it properly and ensure it all works perfectly. Then we can provide regular servicing and maintenance to make sure it keeps working at peak efficiency.

    Whether you’re looking for leading Gold Coast Air Conditioning services or professional air conditioning installation in Gold Coast, know that when you choose Project HVAC you will recieve world-class services for your home or business.
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    Hear From Project HVAC’s Happy Clients…

    “Lory Constructions has a long-standing relationship with Project HVAC, extending beyond their inception dating back to 2011. Project HVAC have every time, without fail, have met and exceeded our expectations. Their service and quality is first class and we can highly recommend them to other clients.”

    Nick LoryDirector, Lory Constructions

    “We’re forever being let down by contractors. We found Project HVAC having researched price, approach and forward maintenance planning. Project HVAC listened to us, inspected our site and came back with a plan and a fixed price. We are proud to be associated with this professional company!”

    Scott TaylorPrincipal, Scott Taylor Motor Sports

    “We called around and got prices and not only were Project HVAC the most competitively priced, but they came to our home, discussed and verified our requirements and gave us exactly what we needed. We highly recommend Project HVAC and will be using them for all future air conditioning requirements.”

    James Leurink

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    We’ve partnered with the best in the business to make sure you get the very best quality and price in air conditioning products, installation materials and other services.

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    And don’t worry, you won’t be getting any high-pressure sales or be forced to take up any of our services. We hate that kind of thing as much as you do. Best of all, you’ll also get a detailed report with all of your options, prices AND if you’re looking for a ducted system, we’ll even provide you with a blueprint of your home!

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