Top 6 Air Conditioners of 2019

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The Leading ACs of 2019

2019’s Best Air Conditioners

For people living and working in most parts of Australia, air conditioning is a must to counter oppressive heat and humidity. It is often just accepted as a normal part of life that people can’t do without. Consequently, because they‘re so reliant on air conditioning to keep their lives comfortable, they want to get the best they can.

If you are looking to acquire a new air conditioning system and aren’t sure what to install, getting the views of existing users isn’t a bad start. So here are the top six systems rated by those users and details of their features.

1. Dakin FTXS20/25/35KVMA

The top-rated model range for 2019, all three split systems have air purifying filters approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice programme. Energy efficiency is helped by reducing power usage when no activity is detected, using minimum power when in standby mode and improved efficiency when below 100% load due to inverter DC motor efficiency. These provide Daikin’s best ever energy efficiency rating.

Comfort is provided by modes that ensure draught-free and even airflow, hot start and automatic defrost for optimum performance.

2. Mitsubishi MSZ-GL Series

The MSZ-GL series comes in a choice of seven models with capacities from 2.5 to 7.8 kW. All are split systems that feature easy cleaning to maintain their good looks and ensure performance levels don’t drop.

Advanced inverter technology enables fast cooling and heating and a 24-hour timer sets required on/off times. Energy efficiency is enabled through pre-setting of preferred temperatures and all models have a quiet mode setting — below 19 dBA for the smaller versions.

WiFi is provided for remote access from mobile devices while wide and long vane modes allow airflow to be controlled in terms of areas covered.

3. Mitsubishi SRK-ZMA Series

Another split system with capacities ranging from 2.0 to 9.2 kW across eight models, the equipment features a range of filters to keep the air pure and various modes to achieve the desired level of comfort quickly. Airflow can be pre-set and controlled in various ways for the best cooling or heating pattern.

There are various timer settings including for economy, sleep mode and silent operation of the outdoor unit. Efficient operation is maintained through easy cleaning of the filter, automatic defrosting and a self-diagnostic function.

4. Fujitsu Lifestyle ASTG09/12/18/22/24KMCA

Claiming to be ‘Australia’s Most Trusted Air Conditioning brand’, Fujitsu positions its Lifestyle range as its most energy efficient offering, some models having a 5 star energy rating. These split systems have capacities from 2.5 to 7.1 kW across five models and have a consistent, stylish design as well as power usage that can be up to 30% less than conventional fixed speed air conditioners.

A human sensor detects activity and switches into full or energy saving mode accordingly. An easy-to-use controller provides a range of operating modes and timers while WiFi allows control through any suitable mobile device.

5. Panasonic ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Inverter RKR Series

The range features seven models with capacities from 2.5 to 8 kW, although three are now discontinued so the effective maximum is 6 kW. It provides faster heating and cooling through a wide intake grille and high fan speed.

ECONAVI and INVERTER features ensure energy efficiency while the nanoe-G air purification system removes harmful organisms. Combined with high performance and low noise levels, the range provides reliable comfort consistently.

6. Mitsubishi MSZ-GE Series

These reverse cycle split systems have seven models ranging from 2.5 to 8 kW and feature quiet operation down to 19 dBA. They’re easy to clean to maintain efficient performance and have energy saving modes.

Control is provided through a 24-hour timer and WiFi for remote control via a mobile device. All models have an elegant design and an i-Save mode to recall pre-set temperatures and reduce power consumption.

Getting the Best System

Of course, the best air conditioning system for someone isn’t necessarily the ideal system for you. That depends on a whole host of factors such as the size and characteristics of your property, your lifestyle and your budget. At Project HVAC, we always aim to install the best and most appropriate system for every customer because we know that’s the only way they’ll be really satisfied.


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