Top Five Air Conditioning Brands

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Five Best Air Conditioning Brands

Choosing air conditioning is not easy due to the wide variety of equipment available. However, if you at least choose a reliable brand, you can be certain your system will work well.

At Project HVAC, we only use manufacturers we know and trust for the quality of their products. Here we list the ones we use most and set out their main features and benefits.

  1. Fujitsu General

Fujitsu produces most types of air conditioning units, covering split and multi-split systems where the indoor units can be wall, ceiling or floor mounted, as well as ducted systems. Starting prices are under $1,000 and go up to over $4,000.

Products are available in three ranges — Classic, Lifestyle and Designer — with cooling options only or reverse cycle systems for each range that can also provide heating. The Classic range is the most basic and is intended to be easy to use and efficient while the Lifestyle range has stylish models that are energy-efficient, some with a five star energy rating. Top of the range Designer models have a modern finish and additional features.

Many models have sensor controls that save money by turning off the air conditioning when no movement is detected and turning on again when someone enters a room. Some have a wireless interface for remote control. Overall, the company is highly rated, generally scoring 4 out of 5 in most categories and 3 for ease of use.

  1. Toshiba

Most of Toshiba’s products are still manufactured in Japan and these include a wide range of split and multi-split systems with various mounting options plus ducted systems, many with reverse cycle. It also produces Variable Refrigerant Flow systems for large commercial use.

Toshiba’s systems are designed and manufactured with respect for the environment, using R410 refrigerant gas. They’re also very adaptable, being installable where there’s limited ceiling or wall space for fitting. Their VRF systems are designed to minimise pipework and to allow separate units to provide heating and cooling independently.

  1. Mitsubishi Electric

The company provides just about every kind of air conditioning and supplies both the domestic and commercial markets. The various models have features that include WiFi so they can be controlled from a mobile device such as a smartphone.

There are also ultra quiet models (some as low as 19 dBA) as well as those with filters to purify the air and prevent bacteria spreading, plus some that remove odours. Other features include horizontal vanes that move cooled air further into the room and over a wider area. There are premium inverter versions as well as standard single speed compressors. As an alternative to traditional white finishes, versions are available in black or silver.

The wide range of features means prices range from below $1,000 to around $4,500. The company has been rated 5 stars for reliability and 4 stars in all other categories including overall.

  1. Daikin

Daikin has been rated Australia’s most popular and trusted brand and often tops customer ratings. Its wide range of products include split, multi-split and ducted models that can be floor or wall mounted, with prices ranging from under $1,000 to almost $5,000.

Actual prices depend on size and range of features, the split systems alone having six models. These may be reverse cycle or cooling only and may have WiFi capability for easy control through a mobile device.

All Daikin split systems and air purifiers are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia. It’s also big on energy efficiency, its US7 model having a 7 star ‘super efficiency’ rating.

  1. Panasonic

Panasonic’s air conditioners have the same high quality as its other home electronic products. It has a wide range of products across all air conditioning types, its wall-mounted models alone numbering almost thirty.

Although its entry-level models have a slightly higher starting price than other manufacturers at just over $1,000, its top of the range models are somewhat lower at under $4,000.

Some models incorporate an ECONAVI feature that will reduce output if detected human activity is low but increase at times of greater activity or increased sunlight. Inverter models have variable rotation speeds that can cool or heat a room quickly and then maintain the required temperature while operating more slowly.

Optional air quality is achieved through various filtering, dehumidifying and deodorising options. All that has enabled Panasonic to achieve top ratings, with latest results being 4 stars in all categories except value for money and quietness, which achieved 3 stars.

Getting the Best

At Project HVAC, we have available all models and variations from the top manufacturers. We can help you choose the one that’s best for you and ensure you achieve maximum comfort at the most competitive price.


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